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The flash fiction piece that I wrote at the weekend [read it here, Current Affairs Flash Fiction – Ice (99 words)] got me thinking about one of the ways we can help to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, and better than that, it will save you a few quid into the bargain.

This is a campaign that I am well used to and frequently refer to in work, but maybe other’s aren’t, however they have some very useful resources.

Love Food Hate Waste is a campaign run by the waste management charity WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), and its aim is to reduce food waste.
Everyone creates food waste; what’s the big deal?

Wasting food hits your wallet.

The more food that goes beyond its ‘Use By’ date, the more money you waste – think of it as your wages being landfilled. Government estimates that a family of four could potentially save £60 every month just by cutting down on waste food. The Love Food Hate Waste campaign gives you the resources you need to accomplish this.


Wasting food is rubbish for the environment.

In 2015 £13 Billion of edible food was thrown away from our homes, this weighed roughly 7.3 million tonnes. Most of this was landfilled, the problem being that when food rots in a landfill site it breaks down to produce methane, which is 21 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide. Had we prevented this food waste, it would have had the same effect as taking one in four cars off the road. As we all work towards reducing our CO2 emissions, reducing the amount of food waste we create will have a sizable impact upon this.

How can the Love Food Hate Waste campaign help me?

If you explore the website, you will find a range of articles and recipes all aimed at helping us benefit from reducing our waste.


There are articles on:

· Rescue remedies, for when something goes wrong
· Savvy shopping, how you can save in the supermarket
· Portion control, this will reduce your waste and your waist
· Meal planning and using up leftovers
· Tips, tricks and cheats
· Using your freezer and understanding date labels

One of the Best features has to be the recipe generator, if you have something lurking at the back of the fridge that needs to be used up and you are scant on imagination – type it in and see what comes up

Articles and recipes on the site have been provided free of charge by industry professionals, and I have to say, I find it really useful. Have a look and let me know how you get on.




    • I get quite annoyed with myself when we waste food here, less because of the environmental aspect, more to do with economics, but the Love Food Hate Waste website is brilliant for both aspects. They have so many useful articles.


  1. Those are some shocking figures!
    We’ve recently been freezing any leftovers and eating them a few days later. My Mum is also great at part cooking veg and then freezing them if we have too many and they won’t survive the week.
    Great campaign. Great post! I must check out the recipe generator…

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  2. Love this! It’s always important to make an effort to generate less waste overall. There was an article about this in my local news paper the other week too so seems like more people are getting better informed about it. x

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    • IT just makes a lot of sense, you pay for everything you throw out, sometimes twice, so the less of it there is, the more money you have in your pocket. Result!


  3. Admiriong the commitment you put into your website and detailed infrmation you offer.

    It’s great to come across a blog every once in a hile that isn’t the same
    out of date rehashed information. Fantastic read! I’ve bookmarked your site andd I’madding your RSS feeds to my Google account.


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