Bloggers Bash Awards – open for voting



I can’t really believe I’m writing this, but here goes.

The Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards are now open for voting, and yours truly has been nominated in the Best Newcomer category.

It’s not a late April Fools prank, some lovely people put Losing The Plot forward – and I am thrilled.

The link for voting is here and I would be very grateful for your vote (my category is down the list a bit). Mind you, it does look like the competition is tight, because there are some amazing blogs featured and do check out some of the rest. Voting closes at midnight on April 30th (BST) – so get in there!


If you haven’t had a look at my blog yet, here are the links to some of my popular posts.

Once again – thank you!


Broken Thoughts – This is the story of breaking both of my legs, and how I began my recovery

Broken Thoughts

Broken Thoughts, Part II: Nil by Mouth

Broken Thoughts Part III – Best Foot Forward

Broken Thoughts Part IV – The Maximum Security Twilight Home


#winning (and #failing) at motherhood

Autumn Fair

Mirror Images

Schrödinger’s Sock Paradox

Parents v Zom-boys, domestic warfare

Designer Mums & Pedigree Chums

Carry on Little Donkey! The P1 Nativity, comedy gold


Trying my best with my allotment – but really just Losing the Plot – boom boom!

Green Fingers



Revenge of the Hell Pickle


Blog World, my creative work featuring other blogger’s links (and I’m always looking for new material!)

Blog Splash Chat

Plotting The Blogger’s Bash

Philosophical Plot

We’re going on an Egg Hunt!


To all nominees – best of luck!


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