Game of Thrones Tapestry

The Game of Thrones Tapestry is free to view at the Ulster Museum in Belfast.

Game of Thrones

For any fans of the phenomenal HBO series Game of Thrones, you’ll know that it is filmed here in Northern Ireland.

What you might not realise is that much of the weaponry, armour, costumes, props and jewellery is made here too.

There is a wealth of skill here in Northern Ireland that has lain untapped for years, particularly in the textile industry.

Today we took a visit to the Ulster Museum – home of the Game of Thrones Tapestry. The Tapestry is based on the Bayeux Tapestry, but instead tells the story of George RR Martin’s epic tale – A Song if Ice & Fire.

It has been woven (impressively) by hand onto Irish Linen, the fabric that Belfast was built on; then embroidered (again by hand) by a team of talented needle women.

Known as a Campaign Piece it celebrates the importance of the textile industry in Ulster during the 19th Century. Today the film industry doesn’t quite employ so many, but it has become crucial to the NI economy, and Game of Thrones has been central to this.

At the moment the piece is 66m long, once their series is over it will be an impressive 77m

Game of thrones tapestry pin

Contains Spoilers for series 1-7

I would defiantly recommend any fans of the show go visit the piece – it’s free to get in. Needless to say in something of this size the famous Ulster humour shows through here and there – look out for the finger in the pie 😜Please do not touch, offenders will be sent to the wallCover pieceThe Night is dark and full of terrorsValar MorghulisSee Jamie Lannister Losing his handDracharysHound V Beric DondarrionChaos isn’t a pit, Chaos is a ladderIf you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention Red WeddingPlease do not touch, Littlefingers can do lots of damageYou know nothing Jon SnowHound - I think I’ll have two chickensPurple weddingDragonLittlefinger at the Moon DoorViper v the MountainYgritte doesTyrion & Tywin ‘I am your son, I have always been your son’Brienne v The HoundDeath of Mance RyderThe many faced godBattle of the BastardsHardholmSlavers Bay, becomes Dragons BayShame! Shame!For the Watch!Jon Snow is dead Hold the doorA girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going homeThe crypt of Baylor explodes from wildfireFinger pieNumeric, that’s not youQueen of ThornsThis is Gendry... He’ll do!Beyond the wallNight king kills the dragonHow do you answer the charges... Lord Baelish Zombie dragon attacks the wall

Why the random shot of two women at the end? Well, we randomly visited at the same time as the two ladies who wove the piece. Amazing!


    • Apparently it has created renewed interest in the Bayeux Tapestry which is brilliance. As for Tyrion – must reflect the size of his character – not the stature 😆
      It is truly amazung


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