Profile Pique

So this happened…

Child #2 sees my Twitter profile, and squints.

“Mum – that photo looks like that guy from Hogwarts”

I expand the photo

“Oh, it’s you! Mum you look just like that guy from Hogwarts”

(Damn, not Minerva McGonagle then – no surprise I’m more Mrs Weasley)

“what guy?”

“You know, the guy who looks just like that, he’s friends with Voldemort”

(Gee thanks son!)

“Who? Bellatrix Lestrange?”

“No, she’s a woman.”




“Yeah, you look exactly like Professor Snape”

So now I’m in a quandary. I don’t think it was a compliment… <puts on Snape voice> Obviously

But I really like Professor Snape, even more now I know his character arc. But I may have to consider changing my profile picture.

That or buy a black cloak

I might just embrace it. My Twitter profile picture

Professor Severus Snape
I miss Alan Rickman more than I can say


  1. Bwahahahaha!! 😀

    That is really funny. I mean, he’s wrong, you do not look anything like Snape…but it is still hilarious! Did you giggle in the end, or are you feeling insulted?

    p.s. I just scrolled up again, you really don’t!!

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  2. This was hilarious (although I’ve never seen or read Harry Potter). I miss Alan Rickman too. I watch Sense and Sensibility fairly often because he will forever be my Colonel Brandon. That magical voice…

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    • I don’t know how much stock to put in this, but I’ve heard JK Rowling wrote the character of Snape with Alan Rickman in mind. His story within the series is just so achingly beautiful

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  3. […] July brought a quick trip to St Ives in Cornwall, it’s my happy place. We weren’t there long, just a couple of day’s for a family birthday, but it was still long enough for a visible benefit. Just as well since my youngest boy apparently couldn’t tell the difference between a photo of me and one of Severus Snape, which I wrote about in Profile Pique […]


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