A year of Blogging, Happy Blogiversary


So, it’s been a while. I’ve been under the weather and needed to rest up, so despite the break, I’ve not been up to much.

In the meantime the blog turned a year old, I’ve been at this malarky for a whole year, who’d’ve thunk it?

Its Birthday cake
Happy blogiversary

In twelve months I’ve managed 125 posts, that have been viewed a staggering 15,156 times and amassed 2,572 ‘likes’ on WordPress, but for me the biggest shock was the word count; 72,260 words – thats nearly a flaming novel! If I could only get my act together to write something cohesive then I could be the second Northern Irish person to win the Man Booker.    <pig flies past the window and oinks>


Im not sure I can’t remember exactly what I set out to achieve when I started a year ago, I think mostly, I just wanted to get into the habit of writing regularly, and wanted to amuse myself and others. I’m still fairly ill disciplined when it comes to writing, it happens when it happens – or it doesn’t, theres no formula of writing once a week or every other day or anything – that just doesn’t work for me.


Theres been a lot thats happened over the year. The house almost fell apart, Castle Catastrophe; I totally embarrassed myself in front of my son’s teacher Autumn Fair, my car did fall apart Roadside Elf & Safety and I nearly poisoned us all with a truly, bloody horrible, tomato pickle recipe Revenge of the Hell Pickle. I was honoured to be nominated for best newcomer in the Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards and came second (again big huge thanks to everyone who voted xxx) and developed my own style of blog round up which reminds me I haven’t done a Blogworld post  for a while.

cartoon of my blogging community
Some of the Blogworld gang

Best of all has been the friendships that have formed. It’s one of those weird situations where despite never having met in the flesh so to speak, I feel as though I have made proper friends, hopefully youse know who you are 🙂 Again, when I started I had no clue how supportive the blogging community can be, that has been the biggest and best surprise.


So particularly those of you who read my blog regularly, and have persisted through the bad grammar, terrible spelling, lamentable photography, lapses into N Irish dialect, and shockingly bad humour at times, thank you. Obviously, yer all mad in the head and have far too much time on your hands, but thank you !





  1. Only a year?! It seems I’ve been enjoying your writing for longer than that. You’ve accomplished so much, it definitely feels like you know what you’re doing! Congratulations and here’s to many more.
    A new Blogworld post, yes please 😊

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  2. Happy Blogiversary.

    I’m sorry you’ve not been up to snuff. I thought you were quiet because there were other things going on, as there so often are.

    Congratulations on your stats. Your word count is much higher than mine, even if I add both blogs together. On the other hand, I will have written a novel by the end of the year.

    I hope you’re feeling better now. I miss your posts.

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    • Thanks April. Wow, that’s exciting- a new book! I don’t know how you fit it all in time wise. Hope the launch goes well!

      Yeah, I burnt myself out and given that I have developed autoimmune disease I need to take things a bit more seriously and look after myself. So I just took a bit of a break, but hopefully getting back to form again now.

      I would miss your posts too, I love them – it’s always so interesting whether it be medieval life or the books you read – you bring it all to life. 😘

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      • I am crap at looking after myself lol 😆 it doesn’t come naturally. But I’m going to have to figure it out, because there could be serious consequences otherwise.

        As long as I’m not stupid, it all ought to be ok though. I’m not panicking 😊

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  3. One year huh? Feels like you’ve always been there. In a nice cocoa and Mr Owl sort of way. Here’s to Plot’s restoration to her rightful place in the pantheon of storylines. And more posts. Please. But no burn out
    No no. Not allowed.

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  4. Happy Blogiversary, lady!! I totally feel you on the friendships thing! I feel like I’ve connected so strongly with so many amazing people, you among them, of course.

    Let’s get our acts together and write those books! We could totally rule the world ❤️😘

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    • Thank you 😊
      It can be daunting starting out, beware of the thousands of articles promising 1000’s of views, they are all the same 🙄
      Have fun with your writing and good luck.

      Check out Blogging & a Beverage on FB or look for some other FB groups. Being part of a community really tends to help

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