Black Friday

Black Friday has arrived, like we were in any doubt that it was on its way. Even I couldn’t fail to notice the eleventy billion emails waiting in my in box screaming about all sorts of offers on tat I don’t need. 

As much as I don’t want them and wish they would just bugger off, a little part of me is relieved as I con myself into believing my cyber details are safe (ish). Obviously (I tell myself) if they had access to my financial details they wouldn’t waste their time contacting me as they’d no doubt realise they were on a hiding to nothing. 

50% off all smart tech! 40% off price crash! Free cuddly unicorn with every purchase, give me a break! 

We already own ALL THE GADGETS, with the possible exception of a Harry Potter wand TV remote control. But since we currently do have three remote controls for the TV and I can’t work any of them, I don’t think even magic will help in this case. 

When did this happen? I have a bloody degree in science FFS! Once it was just a case of turning the telly on and switching the channel; now it’s more complicated than calibrating a flame spectrometer and that thing gave me nightmares for months! Don’t laugh! I still get goose bumps on the back of my neck just thinking about it. 

Now I live in fear of being asked to change channel in public and I’ll face the humiliation of having to shout for a child to come and help poor technophobe Mum. Assuming they would hear me over the sound of their WiFi headsets or surround sound gaming chairs. 

It’s very unfair that both of them are like this, you would think that at least one of them might be like me – just for company’s sake, but no – they actually outdo each other in their technical know how. Show offs! If it wasn’t for the fact that I was there when they were born and once they were put in my arms I didn’t let go for about six months, I’d seriously wonder if they had been switched at birth. 

Anyhow, just a short post today. I’m still catching my breath after the madness and drama of last week. It all got a bit hairy with my Dad – there’s nothing fun about a 4am phone call from your Mum. Still – he’s on the mend, crisis averted. 

So as you plough though your own Black Friday email lists – remember… It’s only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway!


  1. There is a small amount of Black Friday mania here in Germany, but nothing like the insanity of America. I am happy to be far from it. Such a good point, “it’s only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway”. A very important point. We no longer do gifts for the holidays, and it has been such a huge stress relief for me. My daughters (who are both adults) are still not really in favour of this plan, but I will never go back to that stress.

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  2. I’m in your boat Plot… not so much with the tech, more the lack of the means to purchase anything, making me pity (not really, just ignore) the advertisers working so hard to part me from my non-existent wallet.

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