Jingle & Mingle, Christmas Blog Party – Save the Date!

It’s almost December, and I am really looking forward to Christmas, it’s been a long, hard year and I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready to kick off the slingbacks and let my hair down! To get the celebrations underway, I’d like to invite you to a Blog Party, right here next Friday (07/12/18)Β 

Blog Party Invitation
Jingle & Mingle, Christmas Blog Party

Jingle & Mingle

Have a think about the post you want to share; a Christmas post would be great but it’s up to you. Think of it as an advertisement for your blog, what post are you most proud of? Got it.. good, that’s the one to share.

Book Give-away

To add a bit of Christmas spice, I’m going to combine this with a giveaway of my book The Letter from Santa. It’s a children’s book for ages 7-10, which I’m quite happy to post anywhere worldwide. Somehow Santa needs to figure out how to fix a melting North Pole, and get his elves some materials to make toys since their usual supplies have run dry. It’s available in hard copy or audio – depending on your preference πŸ™‚ be warned though, if you opt for audio, you will hear my dulcet Northern Ireland accent in it’s full glory. Who knew the election lessons aged 7 would finally pay off? XDΒ 

Illustration of a leak in Santa's workshop
One of Jo’s fab illustrations for my book

So – see you here, bright and early next Friday, ready to get to know new blogs and their creators.Β 

In the meantime I shall be wrestling a Christmas tree and undoing the Gordian knot in our Christmas lights, fun times!Β 


  1. LOL don’t you dare be a no show! LOL! Someone (as well as me) will want to know about the black death and how it transformed medieval European society πŸ™‚

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