Jingle & Mingle – Christmas Blog Party And Children’s Book Giveaway

Blog Party Invitation
Jingle & Mingle, Christmas Blog Party

Hello! Welcome to Jingle & Mingle a Blog Sharing Christmas Party. I’ve noticed a few new faces on the bloc recently and this will be a great opportunity to meet some other bloggers, read a few new posts and perhaps follow some brand new blogs. 

Today I am going to do a giveaway. One copy of my Children’s Book, The Letter from Santa for 7 -10 year olds. It’s a 20 minute read – so it works well as a Bedtime story or for independent reading and fits in with the NI Curriculum as it explores many issues in The World Around Us.

It is available on Amazon both in hard copy and on Kindle here is the link The Letter From Santa or if you prefer and audio CD with Christmas card, featuring one of the illustrations from the book.

To be in with a chance of winning – share your fav blog post below

Just to get it out of the way – it seems to be good practice to lay down some rules first. 

Blog Party Ground Rules

  1. Choose your favourite post from your own blog, it can be any topic, any theme, though anything Christmassy would be lovely, and can we agree to keep it to one post each please.
  2. Once you have copied the URL, paste this in the comments section.
  3. I would appreciate it if you limit posts to blogs only, so no Amazon, Etsy or Facebook groups, these will be deleted.
  4. Please engage – blog parties work best for everyone when you actively participate, don’t just drop a link and run, make sure you do read and comment on a few of the blogs listed. 
  5. The party will remain open for 48 hours, so that we have a chance to participate

North Pole Illustration
Illustration from The Letter from Santa

As a bit of an add on – I am going to do a giveaway of my children’s book – The Letter from Santa for everyone participating. 

As with anything you get out what you put in, so when commenting be polite, courteous and be generous with your sharing. 

Lastly – have fun with this, it’s a great way of meeting new bloggers and importantly letting other bloggers meet you, so please feel free to share this and invite your friends.


  1. Reblogged this on Suzie Speaks and commented:
    Want to promote your latest post and meet new bloggers? To celebrate the release of her new children’s book, Sonia is hosting a blog party over at Losing the Plot! Please don’t like or comment on my reblog – hop on over, check out her new book, say hello and leave a link to your blog!

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  2. Hello! Seeing as last Sunday I basically spent the day reading and falling in love with all of Plot’s Blogworld stories I’m probably one of those new faces Plot mentioned seeing around and I should try to introduce myself properly here… a few facts: 1- I grew up in Mozambique, a country most people can’t place on a map; 2- I have always been attracted to traveling so in 2012 I quit my job and have been traveling since. 3- I only just started my blog and its been both a headache and a pleasure 4- My blog is more of a travel journal where I note down my thoughts on places I’ve been to rather than an assortment of itineraries and “things to” do lists.

    And thats about it. Oh, I haven’t gotten around to posting anything xmas related and I don’t have a favourite post so I’m just leaving a link to my blog’s homepage. https://arestlesstraveler.wordpress.com

    p.s. thanks for the party invite, I’m loving the blogging community!

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    • I was just thinking about you – and Gemma, There was an announcement from Airlines this morning about taking better care of people with a disability during travel (good) and better compensation when wheelchairs go missing – that’s good too, but my 1st thought was – take better care of them in the first place.

      Anyhow – welcome Lorna, you are another stalwart that I have learnt so much about writing/blogging from and one of the first blogs that I followed 😊


      • Yes! I watched that, horrified! But fair play to him for sticking to his guns. It has put the spotlight onto something (tip of the iceberg) that needs to change!

        Sometimes being an awkward, pigheaded, SOAB is exactly the right coarse of action

        That’s my excuse anyway 😝


  3. Got here through Suzie’s reblog.
    I am linking to a post on my blog that’s part of my yearly advent calendar written by a guest https://solveigwerner.com/2018/12/02/in-santas-shadow-by-trent-p-mcdonald-advent-2018-day-2-1st-sunday-of-advent/
    If anyone is interested, I am still looking for participants (bloggers, writer, visual artists, musicians, etc) with something Christmassy or wintery.
    Enjoy the party, enjoy Advent and have a lovely Christmas!

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    • Aw I am pleased, properly so! It’s a bit nerve wrecking when folk I know get it, I worry in case I let them down. So I’m very glad your girls like ❤️


      • Thank you.

        Everything was good till I went to an event at a literary festival and in a room full of about 30 authors, mine was the only one to be ripped to shreds by a very prominent children’s agent who hated everything about it. I was mortified, and a bit hesitant about it ever since. So as long as no one feels cheated, I’m happy, everything else is a bonus! 🎅🏼🎄


      • Well, the criticism came from someone who knows her stuff, and knows the market. Things like it being a seasonal book & me an unknown author- I can see the risk, so fair enough. But the violent dislike of the environmental message, the images and the personal attack on me, I disagreed with. It took well over a year for me to write again, and longer again before letting anyone read anything because it utterly destroyed my confidence, it was brutal.

        But the thing is I read it in schools. I don’t know the kids I read it too, they owe me nothing and I can see that it holds their attention, even notoriously difficult classes, and it almost always ends in spontaneous applause, so I know it has something.

        But it does leave me caught between two opposing points of view, which is uncomfortable.

        However, let’s end on a positive – I am chuffed you’ve found my blog and liked it enough to hang around 🙂


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      • Oh Sonia, that is horrible for you (on a personal note here my family have told me that I am wasting my time with my blog and my writing. My parents will not even read it), I honestly know what it is like to have your confidence ripped away, I think bear in my mind that was just her opinion and I am sure plenty of other people who also know the market will love your book! You have done amazing.. massive pat on the back to you and your blog is great! Keep going because you are honestly doing a good job. Don’t let one nasty person destroy you.. It is so lovely that you read it in schools! You have done very well! if it really was as bad as that woman has said then the schools would not let you read it.

        I remember many years ago HG Todd author of Bobby Brewster coming to our school. the book is upstairs somewhere. I will never forget meeting him. You Sonia are inspiring young minds! keep your head up, you are doing good! I am sure those kids will remember you too! x x x

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      • Well, likewise xxx write your blog for yourself, do it for the joy of writing, do it for the release or for whatever reason you like.
        As we write more, we get better, and develop skills. You will see some excellent blogs aimed at developing writers – Carrot Ranch, Sue Vincent, Story Reading Ape, and Lorna have writing prompts. If you follow Ritu, she will direct you to many more with something to be learnt at each.

        Family can be harsh, try not to mind them. With time you will build your own community around you, I have to say I have found bloggers to be super supportive and that will help enormously x


      • Thanks Sonia, I’ve been doing blog battle and Lornas prompts. I’m trying to write a novel but blogging has taken over at the moment. However the discipline of writing every night I think, though exhausting, is also good for me.

        Thanks for your support! And yes family are harsh! Thanks xxx

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      • That is wrong Sonia. The book is lovely. The story is great- even the odd fun pun! My husband does not like reading and he thinks this book is super. I had not told him I knew you when Gigi asked him to read it. She talks about it too- referring to the moral in her own way all the time. Some people have too much power and too much microphone time.

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      • That means more than you could ever, ever know! Thank you, because I will never forget that feeling of being mortified and out of my depth. However, some day I may base an evil character on her, my own personal Dolores Umbridge, in heels and Ralph Lauren 😂


      • I am even more thrilled that Gigi not only likes it but talks about it, that actually is the most enormous honour! ❤️


      • Oh Wow! That is incredible,
        😁 you have really put a smile on my face – I’m in my happy place 🥰 thank you for saying xxxx


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