Half Term Viking Project

Half term, so far I have spent my time off making a Viking outfit for my kid. I’ve gone to town, with a tunic, and fur lined cape. today was spent creating weaponry, his axe, a shield and a helmet – without horns. That bit was important,

“If you are making me a helmet Mum, don’t put horns on it – that’s just a stereotype.”

“Uh – ok then hun” (thinking how the f do I ‘make’ a helmet?*

*Papier mâché and a balloon, thats how

It’s all in aid of Viking Day at school. This is a big deal, the Viking’s raided Bangor, totally destroying the Abby in 824AD, and every year the school celebrates this by getting the P6’s dressed up as Vikings and doing raids on the other classes.

Geekily impressive for my son, he may actually have some Viking blood in him, (probably not, but let’s not let that get in the way of a good story). Although he is from Bangor, and on his Dad’s side he can trace back a good few generations, I am a blow in to these parts, being from further North, and the port of Larne.

Larne is a natural deep harbour, and back in the day, it was a Viking settlement –  Ulfreksfjordr, (it even gets a mention in Snorri Sturluson’s Heimskringla – as the place where King Connor defeated the Orkney Vikings). My family go way back in these parts, so who knows, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine a viking ancestor, especially when you are looking at blond hair and trying to meet his icy stare.

Importantly though, it was the Vikings from Ulfreksfjordr that launched the raids on Bangor, so this year’s raid my have a bit more authenticity about it than usual. Maybe.

Poster for DreamWorks film How to Train Your Dragon, The Hidden World.

To get us all in the mood for all this Viking craft work, we started half term off with a trip to the cinema, to see How to Train Your Dragon 3. We have watched the first two films countless times and we were all keen to see how things ended up.

I should also point out that the evening before, Mr Plot and I had watched the heart rending A Star is Born, awwww. It was very good. Anyhow, back to HTTYD 3.

It’s an animation. Its about Vikings and Dragons, on a made up island called Berk. It’s not real. Why is this important? Because I was bawling my eyes out, thats why. Having stayed dry eyed, though sad at Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s excellent movie the night before, I absolutely sobbed my lamps out to a computer generated animation about mythical beasts.

And I had to keep it secret, because if my darling husband had caught me crying he would have taken the Micky something chronic. So there I was, pretending to eat popcorn (it was long gone) but actually wiping my cheeks and drying my eyes, trying not to actually sob out loud.

Yes. I do actually feel completely idiotic at this, but hey, thats how it goes.

So now, with dry eyes again, I’m waiting for the wallpaper paste in the pâpiér maché helmet to dry, hence actually having a spare five minutes to write something. Tomorrow will bring the fun of spray painting it gunmetal grey. Bets are now open to see what else gets covered too.

I will put some photos up – once everything gets finished off, as long as there are no disasters.

Anyone else been up to anything interesting over half term?

A Viking Half Term Project, Losing the Plot. Child in a home made Viking outfit including a Norse tunic and cloak, with a shield and axe
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  1. I am the Norse sea serpent that ends the world by swallowing its own tail, the world and everything in it. Lol! Don’t listen to my moans, I secretly enjoy it. The cinema was awesome, or rather that movie was, I was a total mess, but that just shows how good it really is.

    I have had problems writing in word and pasting it over, sometimes it has worked, sometimes it hasn’t. I have hardly any free time at the moment, so didn’t have time to faff about – I just wrote this off the cuff, directly into WP and hit publish. When I look at it tomorrow, I’ll probably cringe if I see a load of mistakes (as is usual) but for now I’m cross eyed.

    Have a lovely weekend, hope you are doing something nice. x


  2. That is so cool! Your son’s school sounds amazing. We never did anything so fun. I am looking forward to seeing photos! I imagine that the finished outfit will be a work of art (I remember your beautiful Christmas cake on Instagram as evidence of your creativity 😉).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol 😂 too kind, I’ve decided that the skill in cake making is knowing how to hide your mistakes 😂

      At the moment the biggest challenge is tempering the interest of my youngest boy. His ‘help’ is sometimes hard to remedy. 🙄


    • Yes, quite! I tried explaining that. He had never heard of it. I did get him involved, but he needed a lot of help.

      I haven’t seen it yet today. I had to do a restoration job late last night, having found it (previously drying) soaking wet again and in bits, with my other child loudly protesting he had nothing to do with it!

      So the helmet may or may not work. We’ll see.

      Liked by 1 person

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