The Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards

A funny thing happened on the way home from the office. I was checking my emails yesterday, and there lurking amongst the Fitbit prompts, the M&S Sparks offers, the Twitter Analytics and blog updates there was also an email from Sasha Black.

“Who’s Sasha Black?”

Well, I’m glad you asked. Ok, well for a start she’s someone who wouldn’t ordinarily be emailing the likes of me, being a successful author; blogger; founder of the Blogger’s Bash Community and also – very importantly, founder of the Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards.

These awards, they are a pretty big deal, there are a variety of categories, where bloggers can nominate their favourites, then later the categories open to the public for voting, with the award winning blogs unveiled at a ceremony in London. Nominations come in from all over the world, like I said, it’s a big deal.

The nominations are now open, to cast your vote, follow this link (I’d really appreciate it btw) Vote here

So, on seeing Sasha Black there in bold in my email feed, had I grown up in Yorkshire I might have said something like “Hay’up, wos this then?” or something equally stereotypical. However as things stand, I am a confirmed, dyed in the wool, Ulster Scot and the noise that actually came out when I opened said email, was something guttural that doesn’t really lend itself to written word.

“Congratulations!” the email said “You have been nominated for Best Blogging / Writing Blog at the Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards 2019!”

Annual Bloggers Bash 2019, Nominated Blog Blogging/Writing Blog - Official Spamp

At this point, the expletives moved from Heritage Celtic to Standard Saxon; someone had nominated ‘Losing the Plot’ for an award; not just any old award, but this one!

Best Blogging – Writing Blog

Blogging / Writing / Short Stories / Poetry

Suitable candidates for the Best Blogging / Writing Blog offer consistent advice and guidance about blogging, hints and tips for using social media effectively, tutorials, advice on writing, writing prompts or offer beautiful poetry and short stories.

I’m guessing I sneaked in there under poetry and short stories, as you would need to be in a seriously bad way if you were coming to me looking help for using social media effectively or ‘consistent advice and guidance about blogging’. (Obviously, I’ll do my best, but what I can do well is steer you towards the peeps who actually know what they are talking about)

Anyway, I know that it’s a cliché to say that I’m shocked and thrilled, but I am! I’m really fekkin shocked and I’m thrilled AF!

Here’s why – firstly, I’m dyslexic, had you told me when I was wee that I would write for fun as a grown up I would have laughed at you and told you to catch a grip – your head’s must be cut.

If you had told me that my writing would be nominated for a writing award I simply wouldn’t have believed you, this is a really big deal. Huge.

Also, I’ve been in a real fug lately, wondering what I’m doing, faffing about, doing anything really except write, so anything blog related has been totally off my radar. Other things have been occupying my mind and so this nomination has come as a real bolt out of the blue. I don’t know who made the nomination.

Whoever you are – I owe you a pint, or beverage of your choice. You have totally made my day, more than that actually but I am running out of colloquialisms. Thank you.

Reading the list of nominees in my category, I have to be honest, many of these blogs are new to me – but I’m looking forward to diving in and exploring. There are a few that I do know and the quality is really scarily high. Plot could be a bit overwhelmed and out of her depth in this company.

Elena Peters, Sue Vincent and Chris the Story Reading Ape have each created the most amazing set of resources for writers and bloggers.

Awards or not, if you haven’t checked their sites out yet, not to mention the myriad of resources they offer, get a move on and do it, your writing will be better for it. Lorna from Gin Lemonade is a bloggy friend, an American Scottish writer worth reading for her distinctive outlook, pull up your wheels and give her a read.

This is the full list of nominees:

Anne R Allen’s Blog… with Ruth Harris, Elena Peters, Chris The Story Reading Ape, Tallis Steelyard, Jill Weatherholt, Night Owl Poetry, Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, The Faery Whisperer, Gin Lemonade, Karen’s World, Syl65’s Blog, D. G. Kaye Writer, Head Full of Dreams, neha98blog, The Rendezvous Club, The Feathered Sleep, The Poem Zone, Annette Rochelle Aben, Dean Wesley Smith, Willow Croft, Losing the Plot



  1. Well done Plot. Sadly as a committee member of the Bash with Sacha I’m barred from voting but I can say you can easily hold your head up in such fine company. Don’t let anyone, espcially Anti-Plot your yang to Plot’s Yin Tell You otherwise

    Liked by 3 people

    • You are very kind, and given the lack of posts recently – I’m not so sure. But it’s lovely, and I’m very grateful 😊


  2. Reach for the stars Plot. From another with a learning disability whose relationship with language/and the written word has always been a rocky road!
    Here’s to successfully climbing another mountain 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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