If we were having…

It’s 01 December, you might not be up for a coffee, is it too early for a mulled wine? Hot chocolate anyone?

It’s been all go in Casa Della Plot what with one thing and another.

No.1 Cub’s dreaded AQE exam is now over and we celebrated with ice cream in November. We can now forget about it for a while until the results come out and then the fresh hell of ‘is it enough for his chosen school’ worry will take over.

Then we get to do it all again next year with Cub No. 2… or maybe not. I don’t know that his concentration would hold; pity he couldn’t do it on an iPad. Ha! He’d be sorted.

In some good news, my new bed has arrived. This has been a much anticipated moment.

To set the scene, I was given a bit of advice when furnishing the house; to buy the biggest bed that I could afford/would fit the room. Naively I did that, and bought one from Habitat. (I can see sage heads already nodding)

Alls well and good, it looked lovely, till I tried to put sheets on it – nothing fitted. Humph 😤

Years pass….

Pregnancies, small children, larger children…

Time to change the mattress

Again nothing fits, and, AND I make the frankly idiotic decision of buying an IKEA memory foam mattress.

Memory foam my backside, dementia foam more like! The only memory was a really distant one of a full nights sleep.

More time passes…

… and I’ve had enough, time for a new mattress and possibly a new frame… but they are so expensive.

Except I have an ace up my sleeve 😁

I happen to know of a social enterprise (it’s been in Belfast since the ’60’s, and elsewhere for much longer) ‘Usel’ they have a factory shop as they make and supply mattresses.

I’m all in with a KS bed, mattress & headboard for under £500. Bargain. And the sheets fit.

Now I just need to kick everyone else out of it so that I can sleep.


  1. I need a new bed. I think it’s time to start doing the research. I bought some Ikea pillows for the guest bed last week and realised that none of the pillowcases I’ve got fit them. That meant another trip to Ikea.

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  2. When Dirk moved to the US with me, he bought us a new mattress. We drove 3 hours to the nearest IKEA. We brought the mattress home, and unrolled it. That should have been my first red flag. It was like sleeping on a camp cot….for 4.5 years.
    Thankfully, we finally have a better mattress here in Germany. It’s not perfect, but a far cry from the camping days

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