Stay the fuck at home

Inspired by the work of Adam Mansbach and in response to Covid-19

Stay, The Fuck, At Home

A chill has cooled your cappuccino,

Your latte has lost its foam,

It’s time to leave the coffee shop, my love,

And stay the fuck at home.

The bookshop is all but empty,

Yet you linger over your tome,

Come on, what the hell, what is taking so long?

Time to get your butt back home!

The wind caresses your your hair love,

I can see you reach for your comb,

No we don’t need another trip to the mall,

We need to stay the fuck at home!

Your travel plans have been disrupted,

You can’t get to your travel zone,

I know its a pain but you know where you can stay?

You can stay the fuck at home!

Your friends are all out on the beach hun,

Drinking lager, maybe skimming a stone,

You realise they’re all going to end up quite sick?

That’s why you’re staying the fuck at home,

You have cleared the aisles of loo roll,

Stripped all the shelves right back to the bone,

You can read the the minds of the checkout staff…

Fuck. Off. Home.

They did all they could at the hospital

But now you are lying, as cold as a stone,

If you’d washed your hands and listened,

And stayed the fuck at home.

Stay at Home


  1. Very fine work Plot! I won’t drop a link (and you know where to find me) but in Cornwall we’re having another problem so I summarised it in my latest too. They’re all ignoring your sentiment about staying the fuck at home, those from the Home Counties and such, and are trekking down to us for a ‘holiday’ and to get a bit more isolated…
    Oh well, silver lining – you’ve been and done a post!

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    • Yes I have heard about that. Similar problems in rural Scotland and in Wales. They are spreading it all the faster and travelling to where medical resources are stretched beyond capacity. This will obviously make it even harder for the local population to get treatment and it is staggeringly selfish.

      If they don’t watch out, they’ll get a dose of natural selection.

      Link drop away, its grand

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  2. Haha I’d love to see this and “Stay the fuck at home” plastered all over the streets/beaches/supermarkets/absolutely everywhere. But I doubt even that will get people to stay the fuck at home if they’re daft enough to be going out and about in the current climate.

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    • Yes. I have loved ones on the front line, so decided it wasn’t the time to mince my words.

      There is absolute mindless stupidity going on. People need to wise up!

      Thank you for taking the time to read it and for commenting. Stay safe ♥️

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    • Yes. Some stories that are surfacing are heartbreaking.

      My nephew and his partner are right on the front line, surgeon & nurse practitioner. Meanwhile my parents are elderly and vulnerable. You just can’t help think about them all, and staying at home is the only thing under our control that will help

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