Covid-19 and protecting our NHS

I am finding it more and more difficult to watch the Government briefings regarding Covid-19; yesterday with Michael Gove hit a new low. In the end, overcome with nausea and frustration I had to switch off. How that self-confessed coke addled nematode has the gall to tell the Nation how to protect the NHS after spending his political career undermining it, is beyond me.

Check his voting record – it’s there to see. Clap for our carers? He clapped when the amendment to increase their pay was defeated in Parliament.

They (Tories) will not give Doctors and nurses on the front line the correct protective equipment, but then in front of a camera, he laments their deaths. How very insincere you are Mr Gove.


The Government knows that hospitals up and down the country will need thousands of new ventilators to meet the needs of the population. At the time of writing, they have known this for three months, and should have suspected earlier. But that would have flown in the face of their ‘Herd Immunity Policy’

They have promised thousands.

To date, we have 30

30 ventilators in 3 months. I guess we are still stuck on Dominic Cumming’s eugenics policy “If some older people die, so be it”

The Government was offered 25,000 by the Nantwich firm Direct Access – 5,000 a week for 5 weeks, but no one got back to them, it was just an answerphone. These units have now gone to other countries who wanted them.

Another firm MEC Medical, offered 500 immediately – same lack of any response. 

To recap we could have, at this stage had 10,500 fully tested, approved ventilators in hospitals, instead we have 30 because no one bothered to pick up the phone.

Instead, an open contract was awarded to James Dyson to make as many of his brand new, hot off the imagination, untested, ventilators. James Dyson is a major donor to the Tory Party, you would hope these two things aren’t linked, but when your gut tells you something is off – trust it.

Testing Kits

Quell surprise! We don’t have enough testing kits to test our front line doctors and nurses; we only have enough to test rich and famous people. There are loads of firms who make testing kits in the UK.  Randox, based here in Northern Ireland, is just one, they develop a rapid testing kit that yielded results in a matter of hours, it’s been used in Wuhan and across the world. 

Up until last week, it wasn’t being used (publically) here, because the UK didn’t put an order in. You could buy one privately yourself, for £120. They (Gov) didn’t put an order in to a leading bio-medics firm, here in the UK.

There is an order in now, from Public Health England, so for the NI Health service to use a testing kit made in Antrim, it can’t get it direct, but has to wait for the kit to travel to England and the ship it back here again. Genius!

To recap again, we knew this virus was coming three months ago. 

Apparently it’s was a better idea to order stuff from China. Yep, ship something (that can be made here), halfway round the world, only to have it 

A – vulnerable to piracy

B – not work on arrival anyway

This is why I’d be no good in politics, it would never occur to me to buy something I desperately needed abroad, if I could get it at home, immediately. I just don’t have the head for that type of thing, and I don’t have the stomach to listen to a load of tripe either which brings me back to where I started. 

Don’t tell me the Tories are doing a good job. They aren’t.


      • Maybe you could use that as inspiration for your next tune.

        I got some dark chocolate digestives today in my Tesco delivery. Yes you heard that correctly…. I lucked in on one of those magical online shops! The being ‘vulnerable’ didn’t help either.

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      • Ooo I thought that was just myth. Well done!
        The dark chocolate digestives are lovely, but the family prefer milk, so that’s what we usually get.

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  1. I hold some hope that, with Mr Starmer getting involved next week apparently, there will finally be an adult in the room. Although he’ll probably have to watch out for when, not if, their blaming of any poor outcomes of that fall on him rather than them…

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    • Ugh I’m even more annoyed now that I was when I wrote this.

      I play over in my mind Jenny Harries stating there was no point in testing and tracing. Then I look at the comparison excess mortality data between the U.K. and European countries (EuroMOMO) if you are interested in checking it out. It shows the real results of our Government’s policy, and it’s not good.

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  2. It’s amazing that in a country brimming with brainy people, somehow we managed to get this lot elected into power. You’re absolutely right with the insincerity. I just find it difficult to trust anything they say anymore, whether it’s the latest stats or the fact that they have it “all under control”.

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