The Letter from Santa

This is a children’s story I have published that gently introduces children to the issues of global warming, sustainability, recycling and pollution. It has been beautifully illustrated by Jo Hatty, who was able to perfectly capture the images I had inside my head.

The book is available through Excalibur Press Belfast, Amazon, Kindle and directly from me, in both book and audio formats and I’m working on a second edition that incorporates an activity section .

Going Underground

This was a story I wrote for Guide Dogs for the Blind, to teach visually impaired children how to use tactile paving. It is being used in Guide Dogs for the Blind’s habilitation units throughout the UK, but isn’t on general release yet. Unusually, this story has a disabled character as the protagonist, when he and his friends find themselves in a bit of a pickle, it is he who has the skill set to get everyone to safety, but only if they work as a team.

The illustrations for this had to follow a precise format, capable of having a raised outline that could be traced by fingertip again perfectly executed by Jo.