The Most Disorganised Blogger Award

Cheers for the nomination Plot, you really aren’t as funny as you think you are!

So Link to the nominee – ✅

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The Most Disorganised Blogger Award is for those Bloggers who leave posting to the last minute, blog by the skin of their teeth, forget or can’t be annoyed proof reading (because they always miss the mistakes until pressing the magic Publish button anyway), and those who are generally making it up as they go along. Oh, and those who don’t really understand the difference between ‘Press This’ and ‘Reblog’

If this is you – consider yourself nominated.

Questions – set by Plot

  1. Why did you make me fat, you could have made me pretty?

You did ok, it could have been worse, I could have made you an old, grey, fat, grumpy dragon; people would still have made the connection that it’s me.

2.   What are you going to do when people realise that you literally have no clue what you are doing?

Cheers for that! Now they know! I’ll probably just wing it as long as I can and then shuffle off when no one’s looking.

3.   Who nominated you for an award?

Good point! I have thank you’s to do!

Lovely Gemma from Wheelescapades nominated me for a Leibster award, it came in with two others, all round the same time as I was doing 20 questions on her Blog, and featured author over on Chris the Storytelling Ape‘s site (which is a bloody excellent resource for anyone who hasn’t yet visited btw). I figured everyone had already heard more than enough about me and before I bored them all to death I should quit while I was ahead.


In the Liebster Category (for bloggers with less than 200 followers) I also need to thank NKnighton

Meanwhile, Ingrid Madison Avenue, proved that there is nothing wrong with her sense of humour or irony, by nominating me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. This made me laugh, out loud, there may even have been another coffee down the nose and over the keyboard incident.


This has since been followed up by Orla from Fancypaper Blog, who being Irish, really ought to know that we Nordies, don’t do sunshine, say ‘No’ a lot and generally frown on people having fun on our traditional route to Glumsville.

Bloggers Bash

Forgive the Americanism, but Errmagawd! Not only ‘a’ nomination, but a choice! What a privilege! I had to opt for one, dems da rules. When I read what I was nominated for I was genuinely taken aback, shocked (in a good way) excited (in a slightly messy way) and humbled. It’s not lost on me that no one had to do that; whoever you are thank you x.

so before I choke up and get mushy, there’s usually questions with these gigs, so

1. You have a decent camera,  a traveling budget, and whatever else you need to get you there, describe your dream shot

2. What is the title of your autobiography (and who plays you when it becomes a movie)

3. If I’m not blogging I would rather be…?

4.  You can have whatever you want for dinner – what is it?



    • The community is fab! So forgetting ‘disorganised’ since you are more of a sunshine gal, how would you answer them?


  1. I would have received this first ‘award’ every single week, I think. I’m so disorganized that it hurts. As for my autobiography it should probably have ‘noir’ in the title, and I wouldn’t mind being portrayed by someone looking similar to morticia addams, as silly as that might be. She’s so graceful and the most noir person I could think of.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh That is soooooo funny! I wanted to ask you if I could make you look more Morticia like in the ‘Plot’ series, have you fly in and out like a bat now and again, but I didn’t know how to as in a half decent way? I thought I just sounded weird/rude LOLOLOLOLOLOL!


      • Excellent, I have no idea (I never do) how or where this will fit in, but it’s a goal to get that in there lol


      • No, bugger that, I’m not waiting till then, you will be flitting in and out well before then in an enigmatic, mysterious, deep voiced way. I can do a bigger piece at Halloween, but the character needs developing in the meantime.


  2. Well the disorganisation doesn’t show at all and you definitely bring sunshine to my day! Made me chuckle again. Congratulations on all the nominations. Particularly the bloggers bash, I had a ‘choice’ too, of which I was equally gobsmacked and delighted. What a lovely community we have found 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t it? Congratulations you xx I’m pleased by that, I did laugh hard when sunshine came through
      But I am really disorganised though, that’s not put on. Good luck with the Bash! 😬

      Liked by 1 person

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