Broken Thoughts – the story of my two broken legs

In a freak accident at home, I managed to break both of my legs. This is a short series where I’ll share my story of what happened and how I recovered.


Broken Thoughts Part 1: What happened?

How does someone break both of their legs?

I’ve just bought tickets to take the family up to a rugby match in Belfast. It’s my stepson’s 18th and he wants a bit of space in the house with his mates before they head out on the town. I don’t want anyone smoking inside the house, so I’m clearing some final things to give the smokers somewhere outside to sit, when…

I wobble on the step but don’t move, I hear a crack and feel a sudden pain in my shin.

Oh my god! I think I’ve just broken my leg.

No, I can’t have, that’s ridiculous, I haven’t done anything, and I’m still standing. Oh Crikey, no,
I’m not, I’m falling, Oh no, here I go, don’t break my arm! Oh God!


Ok. I can’t get up, Jesus, my other leg! I can’t have broken both of them, that’s just too stupid for words! Bugger, if it isn’t broken its sprained really badly. Damn it that’s sore.


He can’t hear me over the vacuum cleaner. Oh dear God, the pain is going to make me vomit!


“I think I’ve broken my legs!.”

I can’t believe I’m saying that! How in the name of God does anyone break both of their legs stepping out through their back door!


Worst fears confirmed!

“Love, I think you’ve broken your leg!”

Seriously? No shit Sherlock, I just said that. What, did you think I was doing, lying here for fun?

“Yes, I know. I think I’ve broken them both”

“What the other one as well?”

No, the third one I keep as a spare!

“Yes the other one, it’s really sore too”

“It looks bad, you’ve definitely broken it, I’ll ring the ambulance.”

Oh Jesus! Pain!
Pain like I’ve not ever known despite giving birth twice. This is like electricity screeching in my leg.
Ok, breath in, breath out, no, that was too fast, slow it down, oh pain!

B r e a t h !

Where are you Bryan? Come back. Im scared! What have I done to myself?

Christ, this is going to be good when I ring into work. “Oh hello, yes it’s Sonia, yeah, I won’t be in today, I’ve broken both my legs!”

Oh God where are you Bryan, when is the ambulance coming?

“Hello Love, The ambulance is on it’s way.”

“Good, did they say how long?”

Why isn’t it here? I need it now! I can’t breath this is so sore! Who is looking for it, (breath in), do they know where to go, can they get in the house, (breath out), where is it now? Why aren’t they here already!

“No, but they’re not far, they’ll be here in a minute. Will I get down there with you? How are you doing?”

“I’m shaky, it’s really sore. God Bryan what am I going to do?”

“You’ll be ok”

Oh you sweetheart! You are lying down beside me, thank you!

Bryan lays down beside me in the dirt and holds my hand. I’ve never been so grateful for contact in my life. He rubs his thumb back and forward over the back of my hand as he holds it in his. He looks straight at me and touches my hair. I can’t breath. I’m going to choke, I don’t want him to see me cry

“What happened? Did you trip?”

“No, nothing like that. I lost my balance for a moment and I twisted, then my leg broke while I was standing, then I fell over.”

“What? While you were still standing? Did you hear it break?”


Pain! Terrible pain! If I keep talking then I can deal with it, here is another wave, make it stop!

“I’ll go and see if there is any sign of the ambulance”

What? No! Don’t leave me! Christ, I don’t want to be alone I’m fucking terrified!

“Right, Ok. Come back quick”

Oh God don’t be long, ah more pain, breath in, breath out, breath through it. I don’t want to be alone.

Bugger. I can’t even get my money back for the tickets! £60 quid. Stupid me for booking them in advance, should’ve just paid on the door. Can’t even sell them on. Damnit, if I’d just waited 15 minutes

Oh God no way!

NO! Bran get off me! No Masie! No!

FFS! Dogs! Stay away from my legs, don’t touch them!
Oh like this wasn’t already bad enough! DOG I will decease you, get away!

“Masie, don’t lick me” Bryan, get the dogs in please!”

“Sorry Love they just got out!”

Yeah, I figured that when they started using me as a playground!

“Hun, where are the boys? I don’t want them to see me like this. I don’t want them being frightened.”

I want to hug them, and cuddle them and tell them that it’s all going to be ok.
I want them to hug me and cuddle me and tell me that it’s all going to be ok.

“They are upstairs, don’t worry.”

Worry? I’m way past worry! I am petrified!

“Where is the ambulance?”

“It’s close, can you not hear it? That’s it coming now.”

What? I can’t hear anything? I don’t know anything except pain, and the smell of dog piss. Trust me to fall just beside one of Bran’s marking posts.


Keep breathing. Won’t be long.
It’s already been too long.
Not much longer, just breath
Don’t cry, you are fine. Deal with it. Breath
Oh thank God, they’re here.


The Paramedic, pain relief and drifting

“Hello Sonia?”

Can we get past small talk please!

“Well, you’ve certainly broken one of your legs, I need to ask you a few questions before I give you pain relief, but I can prep you as I go, that doesn’t look good.”

Good? What would good look like under the circumstances?

“Lets start on some gas & air, you are familiar with this? You had this when you had your wee ones?”
Where are they? I wan’t to hold them!

Are you on any medication?”
“Have you taken anything for pain relief?”
“You just tripped coming through the back door?
“I didn’t trip, I just lost my balance. My leg broke while I was upright”
“Did you hear it break?”
“That’s a horrible sound. On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad would you say the pain was?”
“So it could be worse?”

It’s a 10 when the pain surges, but it is an eight if I’m talking, not thinking about it, not moving, Oh Christ! Here we go, it’s 10, tell him it’s fucking 10!

“It’s ok Sonia, nearly there, I’m just going to put this stint in ok, and we’ll get some morphine into you. What about the other leg?”

“Yes, it’s really sore too, but nowhere near as bad as the first one.”

Maybe I haven’t broken it? It definitely isn’t even close to the pain in my left leg. I’m going to try moving it a bit. Oh, Dear God! No, that’s not a sprain.! I know sprains, and that’s not one. Seriously? Both of them!

“Are you ok there? There, that’s the Morphine going in now, hopefully that’ll take the edge off it for you. I need to ask you some more questions, nothing to worry about. How is that? Can you feel any difference yet?”

It’s only just gone in. Am I supposed to feel a difference? Why isn’t the pain going away?
I forgot how dry your mouth gets with gas.

“It might take a moment”

Then don’t fekkin tease me!
Think about something. Think about anything. Look at the sky. Ooo, the sky is particularly blue, I like that. Aww God the pain is still horrendous. Another wave, I wonder if this is what it is like to be struck by lightning?

“Still sore Sonia? I can give you another dose of morphine. Let’s get that sorted. The ambulance is on it’s way.”

He’s a paramedic. Thank God for Paramedics. I could still be lying here with nothing. Does that mean it’s working? No, I could still throw up it’s that sore, but something’s not the same.

What about that pain? Is it still an 8?

Oh God! What do I say? I’ve had two doses of morphine, it ought to be less. He’ll think I’m a right pathetic, middle aged, aul doll if I say it’s no different. Maybe it is better

“No it’s about a 5”


“5? The morphine must be doing it’s work”

I think I am going to pass out! Concentrate, look at the sky, you like that, look how blue it is, no clouds, just deep blue. Breath

“Sonia? You with me? The ambulance is nearly with us. I’m just going to check your pulse.

That’s nice. I like my wrist being held.
Wow that sky really is blue, except for the vapour trail following that plane.

Why is the plane going so slowly?

That trail is so white.

Everything is white. Except me, and him, and the blue sky.
I can’t hear anything other than my breathing and my pulse beeping

I’m slipping
I’m slipping away. Thats ok
Oh, I’m attached, you have hold of me at the wrist. That’s good.
If you let go I’m going to slip away, I can’t do anything, which is fine. Im just saying

“Sonia? I just need to step round to the other side of you?”

Yep no problem
It’s nice that you are holding my wrist, If you let go I’m going to slip off.
That airplane is still going over head, why is it so slow?
Why cant I hear anything other than a beep?

“Sonia? You ok there?”


“The ambulance crew are here. I’m going to let them know what you’ve had, then they will take over.”

Did I just pass out there? That was weird. Don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Why am I back? I feel woozy.
Oh Lord, my leg!
I wish I was under again, it didn’t hurt then.


The ambulance arrives

“Hello Sonia?”


“We’re gonna get you to hospital, but we need to get you onto a trolly.”

Good fucking luck with that.

Hang on. How?

“We’re going to put this round your leg to keep it from moving.”

I believe the term you are struggling for is immobilise? You are going to immobilise my leg, perchance? One was in the St John Ambulance, one is familiar with the jargon.

Hold up. They are going to move me. Moving is bad, it hurts like blazes, it hurts thinking about it. Shite!

How did you do this, did you trip?

Here we go, how many times will I have to repeat this tonight?

“No, I wasn’t running, I didn’t trip on anything, I wasn’t carrying anything to miss my step. I just lost my balance for a split second.”

“She was clearing up, we were about to go out. She had just bought tickets for Ravenhill and we were getting ready to go up and watch Ulster. It’s my son’s 18th, he’s having a few friends round and we were getting offside to give him a bit of space.”

“So will he have to cancel now?”

As if!

“No – it’ll be fine, they’re just having a few drinks before going out.”

Don’t mind me. Just talk like I’m not here!

“Right, to put this on we need you to move onto your back. We’ll hold your leg steady. On a count of three, one, two, three”


Jesus, fucking Christ, and all the fucking angels!
White pain!
I have a searing white pain screaming like a horror movie star

“That’s brilliant Sonia. Well Done. That’s grand, we can get this on now it shouldn’t hurt”

Brilliant my backside! It shouldn’t hurt but it bloody well does! It’s still hurting from moving it

“No problem”

“Now, what about this other leg, you thought it might be broken too? It doesn’t look too bad?
Mind, that could be some bruising there? It’s going a dark colour”

What, that black/purple bit? Yea, I’d say that will be a corker of a bruise!

“I’m just going to press on your foot, you tell me where its sore”

“That’s ok; that’s ok; that’s a bit sore, getting sorer, OH God! Stop! Sore!

What ARE you? Did it not occur to you, under the circumstances to go easy?
I’m beat

“Ok, I don’t know if that’s broken or not, they’ll have to X-Ray it at hospital to be sure

It’s bloody well broken, if it wasn’t earlier it is now!

Wow! My leg has an extra bend in it, that is gross and fascinating. Bugger, I’ve got blood on my white jeans. I love these jeans, I wonder if they’re ruined? They’re probably marked in other places too, while I’ve been lying here, they are probably bogin.

The thing is that we need you to get onto this trolly. We are going to support your bad leg, and under your arms, but you will need to put your weight through your good leg to get up


I’m sorry, you want me to do what?
What ‘good’ leg?
Are you on drugs?
Were you not listening? BOTH of my legs are broken and you want me to put my weight through one of them?
I am on drugs but they aren’t strong enough for that!

There’s going to be no end to this!

“Ok, tell me when”

“Oh God!”

No, not God. Not with this amount of torture, but I’m delirious with pain now and I have no words that sum it up. Inoffensively
And I don’t want to cause offence. I am supremely grateful to these people. Strangers who are helping me. I need a lot of help.

But here I am on the trolly. This is the first time the situation has felt in any way under control. Not under my control obviously, I don’t know it, but I’m not going to have control over my own self for many weeks yet. Thank God I don’t know this.

Where are the boys? Can I wave to say I’m ok? No, they are nowhere in sight. I already miss them like crazy. This is the first time I have ever left the house without kissing them goodbye and the thought of it is making me feel a bit sick.

What is the point of gas & air? Does it really do any good? I think the main thing is it gives you something to think about, something to concentrate on, and something to bite down hard on when the going gets really tough. Not that I’m going to give you it back right now, so don’t ask.

“Right Sonia, we are going to get you into the back of the ambulance now. Probably be better if we went out the back way, what do you think?”

I’m on the trolly, I have my gas to chew on, the morphene it taking the edge off things a little, to be honest I don’t really care, I can do no more, “whatever you think’.

Bryan, are you going to come with me in the ambulance? What way will you organise things? No, you will probably follow, so that you have your car, that would be more sensible. So I’ll be in the ambulance all on my own? Crap! Don’t cry, get your Big Girl Pants on and hoik them up, this is how it has to be.

“Love, do you want me to come with you in the ambulance, or will I follow in my car?”

I want you with me

“Probably best if you follow in your car, you have more options”

Don’t listen to me. Read my eyes, if you want the truth.

“Are you sure? I can come with you if you want”

“No, I’ll be fine, don’t worry. It’s better if you take your car so that you can get away.”

“Ok, see you up there then”

“Tell the boys I’ll be ok, and that I love them, see you up there”

I can’t think about them, it’s hurting as much as my leg

“I love you.”

“I love you too”

Don’t cry in front of him, be strong. He’s holding it together for you, you hold it together for him. What would I do without him? I could have been lying there for hours if he hadn’t been there. How is he going to cope with this? Who can help? Bollox everybody has their own worries.

That passing out thing was weird. I wonder how close to the edge I drifted? If that’s how it is at the end I can deal with that.

It’s a bit boggy out here. I’m glad I don’t have to push a XX stone woman on a trolly through this mud. You’d need to be fit for this work, and it’s a thankless bloody job. Remember to say thank you. Later on, when they pass you on to the hospital staff, remember to say thank you.

Oh God! How will I deal with this pain? Come on keep it together. Focus on breathing, same as before.

Oh, there’s the ambulance, I wonder how many of the neighbours are watching. Crikey, I wonder if any of them heard me shouting. Did I swear out loud or was it just in my head?

The trip to the hospital and more passing out

“Hey, how are you doing there? How would you rate your pain now?”

Be honest

“About an 8”

Seriously – this shit again? An 8?
Yes an 8 – I’m coping, if I pass out, that’s obviously a 10, I haven’t passed out, so it’s an 8

“How are you coping with it?”

Oh come on! How do you think? I’m too tired for this, Don’t you realise it is taking all my concentration to deal with this?

It’s not her fault. Sonia you can be polite.
Try and smile

“Not brilliantly, it’s hard”

Breath. Stay calm, breath in and out. I can feel panic, but stay in control of it, calm your breath. Do it for a count of four, in two three four, pause two three four, out two three four. Again.

“I can’t begin to imagine. I’m sorry for moving you, but I want to take your blood pressure, would that be ok?”

go on ahead

“Yep no problem”

too much
cant cope

“Sonia, Sonia, here, I’m just slipping this over the back of your head, on see if that helps a bit.”

Oh wonderful, an oxygen mask.

Take long slow breaths, try and breath as deeply as possible, your oxygen levels are a bit low. I know its sore love, but you’ve had the maximum dose of Morpheme

Oh right OK, thought I was doing that, right, breath deeper, right into my belly. I wonder if that was what was happening earlier?

Where are we? Clandyboye? Is that all? Bloody hell I thought we would nearly have been there by now

Where’s Bryan now, wonder if he has left yet? Is he right behind me? I hope he’s right behind me, I wish he was right beside me. Jesus is this pain never going to go away? I can barely think about anything.

We should have been getting ready to leave for rugby now, faffing about with hoodies and flasks, who is carrying what, boys wanting to bring iPads. What a pig’s ear I’ve made of this!

Wonder how long I’ll have to wait at hospital before someone see’s me?

Gosh they have the siren going, what is the point in that, I’m already in here, I’m not going anywhere.

Good job I’m strapped in though, that corner was brave and tight!

“Sonia, nice big deep breaths again, are you with us? Can you just go over some questions with me?”

No, too tired


Oh here! That’s the junction before the hospital, we are nearly there.

“We’re nearly there, I’m sure you are glad about that”

“Yeah. Thank you, for everything”

God I wonder if I’m going to have to wait for ages in A&E. The pain killers barely fizzed on me, how am I going to cope?

Wonder where Bryan is

Oh, hello, this is quite dramatic, I could be in my own Holby City episode the way they brought me in there. It would be funny if it wasn’t so bloody sore.

Flip me! straight in, wow! No waiting. Cool!

The double doors of A&E bang open and I am taken straight through to triage where there is a team waiting for me, its like they knew I was coming.


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Broken thoughts III – Best Foot Forward



  1. OK, you’ve topped me for sure. I thought I was the only one in the universe whose body did things like this (i broke a foot *walking across the kitchen* last summer and it’s still not healed over 6 mos later – the summer before I lost my balance and broke a kneecap, which also took over 6 mos to heal) – so I’m glad I have company? No, I’m not. One at a time is bad enough; two is hell. I hope they are healing QUICKLY for you (unlike what my bones seem to do), and I hope you get some answers as to why this happened so you can keep it from happening again!!! (that’s the step in the process I get stuck on, every time something stupid like this happens to my body, but I remain an optimist that SOMEDAY we’ll figure it out!). Hugs to you from across the pond. Hang in there and keep dreaming of the day you’re fully mobile again!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not too bad now. I have almost full movement, it just gets tired a little quicker now… ok a lot quicker. But still. The docs warned me I might have to use a stick, and I don’t I can even hop on it now, just not too much lol!
      As to why? I wish I knew, I was tested for lots of things that came back normal – so it’s still a mystery

      Good luck to you too, let’s raise a glass to no more accidents!


    • Thank you – I feel like a fraud – this happened some time ago so I am well recovered now thank you! It twinges in cold weather, and my career as a plus size aged ballerina is probably on hold indefinitely, but other than that – I’m good 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • What, the break out committee from the maximum security twilight home, you know the one where I brought the average age down by about 50 years? The polls on hospital food? Or the time I tweeted Darcy Bussell with a photo of me copying one of her poses – in two casts up to my knees… that part two? Working on it lol!


  2. OH MY! If this is real and not fiction you have me sitting on the end of my seat; if this is fiction and not real, you have not lost any plot, and you have me sitting on the edge of my seat. Sorry I am new to your blog, I don’t know what is happening here, I just open the door and WOW—I’m at a loss for words and while you don’t know me, that rarely happen. I hope this is fiction. If so it is an amazing dialog. If not I hope you have the most speedy recovery and publish ten book soon, of which I will surely purchase them all!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Heidi, wow thank you! Well – it is real, or was, it’s kinda old news now, but it took me a while to write about it. full recovery (despite Dr telling me I may have to use a stick)
      I’m glad you enjoyed it – if that’s the right word? Lol


  3. Oh my goodness! I was really hoping this was fiction because it’d be so horrible to live through it!

    I am glad to hear you are doing better. This is really well written so I was wincing for your the whole way through!!


    • Wow, thank you! In many ways I was incredibly lucky. The paramedic was close, , the ambulance didn’t take long, I got the ankle specialist and more. It could have gone differently – especially if I had been alone, so I held on to that thought.
      I didn’t think about reading it, I suppose it would be an uncomfortable read. My bad 🤗😁

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is so lovely to hear! Thank you! I have always used writing to process and come to terms with things that have happened to me, but this is the first time I’ve ever let anyone else read that type of thing. Still finding my way. Thank you for stopping by and reading – especially when it was a long piece with no breaks – boom boom 😂

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much x. It’s a bit of an odd one I know, but it’s good to write about it to process it. Mostly all good now bar a few aches – I’m very lucky. It could have been a lot worse! Thanks for stopping by x


  4. Thanks Judy, I have to say I feel a little bit guilty and a little bit amused that i’ve Made everyone wince so xxx. Thanks for reading – it was a long post.


  5. OMG! Awful for you, but your humour in writing this appealed to the warped nurse sense of humour in me – you made me laugh out loud! As someone who has chronic pain and episodes of acute pain – I have had morphine and derivatives on various occassions and I so get that feeling you describe….and how irritating it is when they keep asking the same questions over and over……and as you start to feel groggy that irritation just gets worse, but the pain doesn’t get better. Last time for me it was a shoulder dislocation that got stuck (part of my condition) and they kept asking how i felt – all i could think (or did I say it?) was how the f*** do you think – my arm is so far out my bloody knuckles are grazing the floor! So good that you have been able to go back, write this and keep your sense of humour! Hope you are out of plaster and running soon! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was, and remain built for comfort not speed, but I’m back to yoga, which helped enormously with recovery. As for the rest – you have to look at the funny side, if you can. Hope your shoulder is healing well! xxx Thank you for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well done you! Yoga kept me going for years after my first back op aged 21…..I have a genetic condition which affects my connective tissue (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) so always have something out of place. Daughter newly diagnosed, & I am under so many different consultants I forget who I am seeing – so yes, very important to see funny side and play on it!! So glad you are doing well now – posted this on several group pinterest boards #BUYB!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, i’m All good now thanks; I was very fortunate. People have accidents like that and don’t recover, I knew that from the start so it gives you a different perspective on everything thereafter.

      Thank you for reading and commenting x


    • Not at all! I hope people find it funny, I certainly didn’t want to come across as seeking sympathy, that would be embarrassing! No breaking both of them was ridiculous especially since it was so mundane, and the thoughts I was having were so random that I felt they deserved to be written down. So I’m charting the recovery since that was flipping ridiculous too! P

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


    • Yeah totally 😂 it happened a while ago. I’m only writing it up now so I’m feeling guilty about all the sympathy at this stage. I’m not exactly tap dancing but I can walk unaided

      Thanks for reading and commenting


    • Yes I am, thank you! The accident brought me back to writing, which was good, and made me realise what a fabulous set of supportive friends I have – also good! I wrote up my recovery too – that is the first in a series of four Broken Thoughts. It ends with a stay in a nursing home and that was…. interesting 😂

      Thank you for stopping by! I have a small linky going on the top post if you’d care to leave one, either way thank you for stopping by 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

        Glad you found bright spots in something so difficult. A few years ago, I launched myself into the air while hurrying to clean out a shed while in a bit of a snit. Landed full impact on one arm locked straight which caused my elbow to break. Not near as awful as your situation, but the experience did lead me back to writing more. Stay healthy and have fun enjoying your writing and friends!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi,
    I didn’t know if this was true or part of your plot. My husband was recently incapacitated.
    Susie sent me! Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. I write about how bloggers can be more successful. I also have blog parties like Susie.


    • Oh brill! (Welcome!)

      Yes totally random, just shows how fast things can change, and I have been very lucky, it could have been a lot worse!


  7. Morphine is crap (learned that last summer). And despite the pain, it is quite humorous where the brain goes during an injury. All those pain nerves spazzing out. Glad to hear you are doing better now, I can’t imagine BOTH legs! After hurting my arm, I couldn’t decide if a leg or arm would be worse but two legs would definitely be worse!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I would want to repeat the experience. But I’m all healed again now, thankfully! I even got over the fortnight in an old peoples home which was the absolute worst part!


  8. […] She also wondered why platform hosts seemed to be so fixated with falling over, if you weren’t Stumbling or Tumbling you were Flipping, and frankly Plot had already tried falling over and it wasn’t as much fun as it sounded. (you can read about that here Broken Thoughts) […]


    • Naw, I think it’s just a gawdamn awesome thing that awesome people do 😂

      It was utterly ridiculous, seriously, what are the chances?


  9. So pleased you are nearly mended …Your rendition of your tale of woe was priceless and it took a while before I realised it was true. I then felt awful for laughing throughout…Can’t wait to read part two xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t feel bad, I want you to laugh, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Parts 1-4 are all there for whenever you have a free moment and a cuppa. Thanks for taking time to read it x

      Liked by 1 person

    • I NEVER loose the ability to swear. Yeah. The incident happened a couple of years ago now, I made some notes at the time, other stuff I didn’t need to because it’s burnt into my DNA now. As horrific as that was, it wasn’t as bad as the 2 week stay in the nursing home, holy Fek that was rough.

      I have a cracker X Ray now though – it’s all there, I wrote everything up lol!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh my goodness, Sonia – I don’t think I breathed the entire time I was reading. I can’t imagine the terror of feeling your leg break, hearing your leg break, and seeing your broken leg. And then to have both of them broke – ugh! I remember playing in a soccer (futbol) match when I was 20 years old and a friend’s leg broke on the field. The loud sound silenced the entire game. I felt like I wanted to pass out after seeing her leg in the unnatural position. I think I would have puked and then passed out if I were you. How strong you are! Thanks for sharing your unreal story – it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time! Hope you are healing well! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw thanks for commenting, it was a while ago now. My leg will never quite be he bsame again but my goodness I have made a great recovery. The docs thought I might have to walk with a stick, but I’m grand. Sure it gave me something to write about lol!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much! It’s funny I remember everything in really sharp detail until the morphine really kicked in, then it all gets fuzzy. But those are the genuine thoughts that passed through my mind – bar one, which was ‘this is ridiculous, I really need to write this down!’
      Lol 😂 thanks for commenting x


    • Many thanks ♥️
      Yes, I put a lot of work into the physiotherapy and I have recovered well. I had a lot of support from family and friends which helped enormously too.
      Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment.


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